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What is your Why?

goals habits motivation Feb 04, 2023

Why do you workout?

Simon Sinek has a talk from 2009 that explains his theory of starting with why. Find the video here! It is applicable to business, but I come back to it time and time again with my workout and health routine. I have worked out for a long time, but my why has changed throughout the years.

In high school and college I worked out for performance. My why was to be the best athlete I could be and push my body to be the best I could be - to win.

Immediately post college, I worked out to meet new people and for stress relief.

In my 20s, I worked out to compete. I wanted to be strong to compete with my friends at Crossfit. I always challenged myself on my yoga mat and practiced frequently to try new tricks and increase flexibility. 

In grad school, I worked out to survive. I stopped doing Crossfit and switched to walking and yoga only. Working out was my me-time, the time I looked forward to, a mental break from my day.

In my 30’s, I workout for my mental and physical health. I focus on consistency not intensity. My goal is to be strong and lean. I want a body that never holds me back - I can still play sports, hike, golf, and ultimate to feel as young and stay nimble.

My why is what keeps me active. My why is what gets me out of bed. My why is how I meal prep every week. It isn’t always perfect, but I know why I show up to the gym. Consistency over a duration of time is the non-so-secret formula to building a healthy lifestyle. My journey has looked different since I started and my why has shifted and changed. But I knew my why at the time, it was a part of me and my identity. I want(ed) to be a person who cares about their health and wellness.

What is your Why? Why do you show up? Write it down. And if your why changes, thats okay too. The most important part is taking time to figure it out. Once you do, write it down and come back to it when we start to feel uninspired by our why.

If you aren't sure, we can help guide you! A big reason why we offer a Free Strategy Session for new clients is so we can get to know you and what is most important to you. This can be referred to as your goals, focus, or your why! We also offer goal setting sessions with current members to refocus and reconnect to their goals or why - it is normal to get distracted and busy, you can come back to it!

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