How to lose stubborn bodyfat

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2018

Alright guys,

So we get these questions A LOT:

“How do I get rid of my love handles?”

“How do I get rid this?’ (Grabs under Tricep)

There is a simple answer to most of these questions. And it’s not to do 1000 crunches, or do 1000 tricep pull-downs. The ANSWER IS: You need to lower your body-fat percentage.

Once you get down to a low enough body-fat percentage these “problem areas” will eventually lean out.

So now you’re asking: “How do I lower my body-fat percentage?

ANSWER: You just have to take in LESS CALORIES than what you would need to maintain your current weight.

Let’s take me for example, If I wanted to stay at the same exact weight that I currently am I would need to eat about 3000 calories a day. And If I wanted to LEAN out a little and LOSE some weight I would need to take in LESS calories than that number.

I’d probably start around 2500 calories.

Now, that’s cool and all but how do you do this without having to add up all kinds of crazy numbers and what not? Easy. EAT WHOLE FOODS.

Whole food examples:

  • Protein

    • Chicken, turkey, beef etc.

  • Veggies

  • Whole grains

    • white rice, brown rice, quinoa

  • Fruits


Get RID of processed foods and PURGE your house of everything that’s tempting.

This is the easiest and most effective place to start.


You have to understand that you can’t spot reduce. That means when you complete an ab exercise you’re not just burning fat around your stomach.

You are most definitely JUST exercising your ab muscles but you are burning calories that will result in overall body-fat loss.


And most importantly, you have to be consistent with both your exercising AND your eating habits.

Remember: Lasting results take time.

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