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Workout 4-28-2020

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020

5 Rounds for time

20 Alt Rev Lunges

200M Run

20 Anchored Sit ups

200M Run


RX Men: 40Lb dumbbell

RX Women: 25Lb dumbbell


🔥This one is a burner. Try to complete each round in under 5 minutes. Watch out for the leg lifts because they can eat up a bunch of time. 


✔️Lunges: When lunging most of the work should be performed by the lead leg. So focus on your front glute and quad when completing the motion. Stay balanced and keep your core braced. 


✔️Anchored leg 🦵 raise: Be sure to have your arms fully extended during this movement. Brace your core and get rid of any space between your lower back and the ground. Then lift while keeping those legs straight 👌


Be sure to let us know how you did 💪

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