Live with Purpose Challenge

Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits to help you feel your best.


Why Live with Purpose?

We want to help educate the community on how to Live with Purpose - how to eat on purpose, train with purpose, and be mindful of how the little habits add up to who we are. We will teach you Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits to help you feel your best. Ready to start focusing on you? Join us as we work with you to set goals, create a plan and through community help you reach your goals.


Individual Meeting to discuss Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits



Set Goals & Create a Plan



Accountability to see the plan through to meet your goals.


Join us for the community and accountability! Four weeks of cleaning up your diet & creating healthy habits and focusing on you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear from previous nutrition clients!


I have a plan, I’m optimistic and hopeful with my life now. Because of The Quad family, I’m taking care of myself mentally and physically.



The Quad COMPLETELY changed my approach and understanding of nutrition.



I’d recommend anyone wanting to exercise and get healthy by educating themselves on the proper ways to achieve those goals. The Quad has a fun and motivating group of people that give real encouragement with no judgment or feelings of being inferior.

- Denise

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