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Athletic Performance & Durability

Personalized training for athletes willing to put in the extra work to stay competitive and resilient - in season or off season.

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Building Better Athletes


We aim to unlock athletic potential that will help athletes perform at the highest level in their sport and stay healthy while doing it. The intent of our training is to execute stimulating movements that will transfer over to the athlete’s respective sport. Evidence-based training and coaching will build the athleticism and longevity needed to ensure athletes have the knowledge and bodily integrity needed to compete long term.


A major goal of our sessions is to promote longevity through development of motor skills and mobility practices. These practices will decrease risk of injury and allow athletes to be ready to perform at any moment. Our training will develop the physical and cognitive skills needed to give athletes an edge over the competition.


Specialized training will focus on conditioning specific muscle groups and energy systems to be prepared for the unique demands required by each athlete's  sport. Preparing the body to be efficient in the movements particular to their sport will ensure it is adequately prepared for the rigors it will endure during competition. Athletes will build the framework required to move optimally, efficiently, and with confidence as a result of our training.

Personalized Athlete Training

How to get started with personal training for your athlete.

Schedule A Strategy Session

Every athlete will have different levels of experience when it comes to training and sports. A strategy session will give our coaches a better insight into the athletes abilities, injury risks, goals, and training history.

Athletic Assessment

We want to make sure each athlete is training according to their current fitness level and capabilities. Testing will involve movement trial’s that are specific to the athlete's sport. An initial athletic assessment and testing will allow us to monitor progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Measure Progress

After initial testing athletes will need to be retested every several weeks in order to analyze performance progress that is made.

Performance Groups

Programs for athletes of all ages.

Build a foundation

Kids will engage in fun activities designed to improve coordination, bodily awareness, movement patterns, social skills, and confidence. This is a great way to introduce your child to sport specific development.

Strengthen the Foundation

Athletes will begin to attain proper technique and efficiency in fundamental movement patterns. Learning proper resistance training and movement will help prevent injuries and prepare them for the rigors of a sports season. As athletes begin to grow in body composition, building muscle and joint strength is vital to adapt to increasing competitiveness.

Build Mastery

Through repeated application of training methods athletes begin to build the athletic comprehension needed to compete at their highest level. Training will progress into advanced sports specific movements that adequately prepare the body to meet the higher competitiveness of their sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Off-season and in-season training differs in volume and intensity. In order to maintain performance progress made during the off season, it is essential for athletes to continue strength training in season. This will make sure that progress is continually made from one season to the next. 

If your child has yet to participate in any sports our training is a great way to have them start developing proprioceptive awareness as well as motor and social skills.

Our program serves 3rd to 12th graders.

We will take into account each athlete's respective sport and develop an individualized program that is designed to translate towards improvement in future sport competition.


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